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The Box Gallery Spotlight: Curator Jane Hart taps Dana Donaty to show work at ART FLORIDA 2017 at The Box Gallery

Dana Donaty to show at ART FLORIDA 2017 

The Curators Choices
Jan.7-28, 2017

"In the Heart of the West Palm Beach Cultural Corridor"
811 Belvedere Road
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405

West Palm Beach- The Box Gallery is proud to announce that Jane Hart will be presenting the work of Dana Donaty as her choice for the Art Florida 2017 Curators Choices Exhibition. The Box Gallery will be host to a VIP reception for the curators and their selected artists on 
Friday, January 20, 2017 at 7 p.m. RSVP
ART FLORIDA 2017 CURATORS CHOICES was organized by Rolando Chang-Barrero to emphasises the importance and impact that Bruce Helander, Paul Fisher, Jane Hart, Lee Ann Lester, Marisa J.Pascucci, Noor Blazekovic and Debby Coles-Dobay have on the maturation and the vitality of the art and culture scene of South Florida.

West Palm Beach-Rolando Chang Barrero has gathered top curators to select the art for the upcoming The Box Gallery's Art Florida 2017 Exhibition.
The ART FLORIDA 2017 Exhibition includes selections by curators:
Bruce Helander, Paul Fisher, Jane Hart, Lee Ann Lester, Marisa Pascucci,
Noor Blazekovic, Debbie Coles-Dobay and Rolando Chang Barrero.   

ART FLORIDA 2017 was organized by Rolando Chang-Barrero, to emphasises the importance and impact that Helander, Fisher, Hart, Lester, Pascucci, Blazekovic and Coles-Doby have on the maturation and the vitality of the art and culture scene of South Florida.

From creating international art fairs and publishing critical reviews for the academic art world, to organizing museum exhibitions and sponsoring dialectical symposiums --the collective experience of the selected curators present the work of J.Steven Manolis, Andy Marx, Dana Donaty, Sarah Knouse, 
​Karla Walter, Carin Wagner,
Jon Glaser, ​Stefan Radu Cretu, and Patrick Willard  

Jane Hart
Jane Hart attended the visual arts programs at Miami Dade South Campus, SVA in New York City in the late 70s with
classmates Kenny Scarf and Keith Haring, and then the University of Miami. In the the 80s Hart was a founding
collaborator with then fledgling collective of artists, Artifacts. Concurrently, Hart commenced working in commercial
galleries, the first of which, Moosart, was in Miami's Design District. Following her tenure as gallery director there,
Hart moved to NYC to work at Piezo Electric and later Marlborough gallery. A stint was spent working in London at
Flowers Gallery. A move to Los Angeles in 1990 began with Hart as assistant director at L.A. Louver in Venice, CA,
and acting liaison with their then New York gallery location. During this period Hart worked on major projects devoted
to the work of Wallace Berman, Jimmie Durham, David Hockney, Kienholz and Suzanne McClelland, as well as other
gallery artists. Next, Hart joined publisher Gemini G.E.L., meeting and working with artists such as John Baldessari,
Robert Rauschenberg and James Rosenquist. By the mid 90s Hart left Gemini to take the helm of cutting edge, fine
arts publishing firm, Muse [X] Editions, which produced limited edition artworks solely utilizing digital media,
innovative new tools offering greater creative possibilities -- There Hart worked side by side with a wide array of
artists including Doug Aitken, John Baldessari, Uta Barth, Gregory Crewdson, Peter Halley, Mike Kelly, Catherine
Opie, Diana Thater, James Welling, Pae White and Andrea Zittel to name but a few.
Hart has owned galleries in Los Angeles and Miami. In 1996 Hart established an alternative gallery space in her
Hollywood Hills home, lemon sky: a project space. November 2001, lemon sky: projects + editions opened in a
storefront gallery on Wilshire Boulevard, mounting exhibitions as well as publishing fine art prints. In 2003, Hart made
the move back to Miami and re-established lemon sky, occupying a variety of spaces. Over the years since its
founding, lemon sky has exhibited and/or published the work of both internationally known and emerging artists
including Banksy, Jessica Bronson, Peter Coffin, Sue De Beer, Jeremy Deller, Peter Doig, Dara Friedman, Frank
Haines, Charles LaBelle, T. Kelly Mason, Christian Marclay, Alyson Shotz, Joe Sola, Mark Dean Veca, and Stella Vine
among many others.
From 2006 until 2015 Hart held the position as Curator of Exhibitions at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood.
During her approximately nine years there, Hart curated over 100 exhibitions as well as special projects such as the
two time Knight Foundation awarded "Hot Topics" lecture series which brought acclaimed arts professionals to the
Center; including Lyle Ashton Harris, Dan Cameron, Marvin Heiferman, Shamim Momin, Jerry Saltz and others.
Artists Hart curated exhibits for include Farley Aguilar, José Alvarez (D.O.P. A.), Francie Bishop Good, Elisabeth
Condon, Ryan Humphrey, Sinisa Kukec, Dave Muller, Nathan Sawaya, Charles M. Schulz, TM Sisters, Wayne White,
and Agustina Woodgate among many others. Notable among the exhibits was the critically acclaimed "Artist
Unknown/The Free World" exhibition with accompanying book, devoted to vernacular photography and digital
images, which Hart curated together with artists John D. Monteith and Oliver Wasow. Jerry Saltz proclaimed the show
to be the 21st Century equivalent to the seminal 1955 traveling exhibition "The Family of Man" curated by Edward
Steichen, former director of photography at MoMA.
Hart is the curator of the current multi-venue exhibition 100+ Degrees in The Shade: A Survey of South Art. This
expansive show features an array of works in all media, by a selection of the finest artists of South Florida. Sculpture
and installation works, painting, photography, mixed media and works on paper, as well as video and performance
are included. The breadth of this exhibit is both inclusive and discerning, with an emphasis on innovation, impact, and
inspiration, in ways which are integral to the lush, tropical-urban environment that exemplifies South Florida. There
are a total of over 170 participants, encompassing internationally and nationally known established, mid-career and
emerging artists included. A full color, hardcover 220 page book accompanies the show, produced by [NAME]

Publications, designed by Misael Soto with texts by Hart, Erica Ando and Sandra Schulman.

Dana Donaty (Artist Statement)

Donaty’s goal is to create works that go beyond that which is immediately visible, real and imagined.
An auto associative memory process frames her approach to figuration & abstraction.
The work explores the relation between memory (individual and collective) and perception,
emphasizing the role of memory. Memory as a space where the past and present coexist in
the form of images. The images are activated through the artist's perceptions that the
work ignites through process.
Donaty’s examination of past experiences disrupts sequences, allowing for fluidity of time
and the transition of one perception to the next without any clear dividing lines.
The artist explores memory as content and medium, examines the role of color
while traversing how the past persists in the present.
The viewer is presented with grammar arising from a process of complex memory construction,
issues of their interpretation of the work and the artists dedication to fucking with perceptions

More Spotlights and Sneak Peeks into Art Florida 2017 coming soon!

The Artists:
J. Steven Manolis, Patrick Willard, Andy Marx, Dana Donaty, Karla Walter, 
Carin Wagner, Sarah Knouse, Stefan Radu Cretu, and Jon Glaser 

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