Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Box Gallery Spotlight: Curator Debby Coles-Dobay taps Stefan Radu Cretu to show work at ART FLORIDA 2017 at The Box Gallery

SPOTLIGHT: Debby Coles-Dobay
 to show Stefan Radu Cretu at ART FLORIDA 2017 
The Curators Choices
Jan.7-28, 2017

"In the Heart of the West Palm Beach Cultural Corridor"
811 Belvedere Road
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405

West Palm Beach- The Box Gallery is proud to announce that Debby Coles-Dobay will be presenting the work of Stefan Radu Cretu as her choice for the Art Florida 2017 Curators Choices Exhibition. The Box Gallery will be host to a VIP reception for the curators and their selected artists on 
Friday, January 20, 2017 at 7 p.m. RSVP
ART FLORIDA 2017 CURATORS CHOICES was organized by Rolando Chang-Barrero to emphasises the importance and impact that Bruce Helander, Paul Fisher, Jane Hart, Lee Ann Lester, Marisa J.Pascucci, Noor Blazekovic and Debby Coles-Dobay have on the maturation and the vitality of the art and culture scene of South Florida.

Debby Coles-Dobay
As manager of the City of Boynton Beach Art in Public Places Program, Debby curates and coordinates the
selection, siting, installation and maintenance of the public art collection. She serves as liaison to the Arts Commission, City/CRA staff, developers and the community. The public art ordinance, was adopted in October 2005 and Debby became the City’s first public art administrator in 2007. Since then, under her direction, over
50 public art projects have been integrated in the architecture, infrastructure, landscape and greenways.
Key successes of the program are several eco art and kinetic projects, the Avenue of the Arts year-long outdoor
exhibition, exhibits in City facilities, Conrad Pickel Celebration and support of the Boynton Beach Arts District.
Debby’s leadership for the City’s public art strategic master plan focused on kinetic, eco and glass public art projects. 
The goal is to integrate meaningful public art projects into the community to brand the City, create placemaking and celebrate it’s diversity. Mrs. Coles-Dobay also serves as the executive director of the International Kinetic Art Exhibit and Symposium. This event combines kinetic fine art with educational programming and
entertainment making it internationally unique to typical art fairs. The February 3-5, 2017
International Kinetic Art Exhibit and Symposium will be the third biennial event and has
connected the cultural environment in Boynton Beach with the global community to become an
arts destination.

Debby has over 22 years experience in corporate marketing management. Her creative
marketing skills contributed to the success of many regional, national and international brands.
After relocating to South Florida in the late seventies, transferring from City University of New
York to Florida Atlantic University, Debby graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Stefan Radu Cretu was  born in 1983, in Campina, Romania. He studied at the Art and Design University in Cluj and graduated from the Ceramic-Glass-Metal department in 2006. In 2005 he received an Erasmus grant for one year at the Fine Art Academy, Wroclaw, Poland. In 2008 he achieved his master degree in sculpture at the National University of Arts in Bucharest. In 2013 he became a PhD candidate in Visual Arts at the National University of Arts in Bucharest.
The force that has in present times the greatest impact over people’s lives is technology. Still the continued progress proved to be deceiving. It didn’t always coincide with the real needs of the human individual. Progress has created a complex human being, with more material needs, a human being which is more interested by the artificial and the fruitless.
A complicated man, always disgruntled, less secure of himself, less free. He has renounced at that what is essential for him, to become an artificial being. This man is no longer the creator of technology, but one that is dependent and controlled by it. Stefan Cretu’s works emphasizes this obsession with progress, this fusion between nature and technology that seems to be more and more the final goal of humankind. The evolution obsessed man makes many errors in his attempt to improve nature and sometimes these errors are carried away to the extreme. Our return to nature and its technologies doesn’t mean that we are involving to a more primitive life style or that we are giving up progress in its entirety, but reflects more a suggestion for simplicity. This arcadian existence will give man a greater certainty, freeing him from the burden of the futile and absurd elements of everyday life.

More Spotlights and Sneak Peeks into Art Florida 2017 coming soon!

The Artists:
J. Steven Manolis, Patrick Willard, Andy Marx, Dana Donaty, Karla Walter, 
Carin Wagner, Sarah Knouse, Stefan Radu Cretu, and Jon Glaser 

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