Fusion of styles and media create a perfect pairings at ContempO!

The Box Gallery
811 Belvedere Road
West Palm Beach Florida 33405

The Box Gallery presents ContempO!
Exhibition dates: 
April 23, 2022 through June 10, 2022. 

Contempo! 2022 at the Box Gallery which will open with a reception for the artists s on April 23, 2022 is curator Rolando Chang Barrero most ambitious exhibition to date. The exhibition features photography, clay, paintings, installations, and repurposed taxidermy. 
A fusion of styles and media to create a perfect pairings at ContempO! 
“The Untucked Cup Queen” an installation by Conrad Kane, pairs clay vessels with photography, Gina White pairs taxidermy and with her drawing of historical figures creating a larger than life triptych, while Judy Milazzo unites the past with the future fusing her unique graffito with select iconography of famous historical artists. 

ContempO! 2022 is expected to continue to solidify The Box Gallery reputation as one of the top cultural institutions in Palm Beach County. Recent accolades for the relatively small minority owned business include; The Best Art Gallery in Palm Beach County by The South Florida Gay News and as one the top three of Best of the Best  by Palm Beach Post. 

Judy Milazzo: 
"My work begins with an Egyptian and pre-Hispanic influence, a graffiti alphabet that rules as signs of a remote cabal in memory of the divine magic manifested in the creation of new images, it continues with the importance of mathematics, this being the only exact answer to all the questions.
I continue with doors that prevent me from going to the prohibited places, door Belem or closed window, exclusion and isolation, the outside of the helpless individual. Geometric gurus arise, which become automate life, where everything is transformed Robot Life, which dominate the routine of the human being.
When I am threatened by time, the conflict that lasts is reflected in the series Unreal Time, which is witness to everything that happens, in which the t time is a protagonist that keeps everything and disappears. And so begins Disintegration, without finding answers, which makes me reflect on all these concerns. Going to a new stage of Perception I discover a strong influence in graffiti, I’m lost in the Twilight zone which is noted through graphics, illustrations, and writings in a various ways to express different problems, such as the cancer of the global crisis, among the questions.
In this new stage, I capture in my canvases and sculptures the resentment of all these problems, admiring the beauty of graffiti. This contemplation leads me to a new stage, an unknown area where I realize that everything around me Is no more than an optical illusion. And finally, I come to Deception, which is; about the resentment I feel about the death of my loving parents.”

Conrad Kane is a south Florida based multidisciplinary artist currently focusing on non traditional photography, painting, and ceramics. Kane has exhibited paintings and photographs across Florida including at the Cornell Art Museum in Delray Beach where they first exhibited their cyanotypes to the public in 2019. This 2019 show was highlighting artists that explored the confines of each medium and the physical and psychological boundaries we create and inherit.
As an artist and model, their focus is in mixed media photography and installation design. Their art dives into social issues and identity politics through the use of acrylic paint, color, line, and repetition.
Graduated from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida with their BFA in the Spring of 2018.

Gina White
Florida native, self taught, multidisciplinary artist, Gina White has been creating in many forms for as long as she can remember. At various points, Gina’s career has taken her to parts of the world she never expected to go, and those experiences brought clarity to her identity as an artist. She started noticing how the process of deliberately selecting colors, delineating negative and positive space, balancing the composition and every aspect of the journey to the final piece was just as important, if not more so, as the finished artwork. Gina is a process artist who stretches her own canvases and is fixated on exploration of technique and color. Simplification of her surroundings, or vision, into basic elements of line, and one or two pigments, drowns out distraction and amplifies the impact of Gina’s unpretentious, yet overflowing, compositions. “I paint paintings that I would like to have in my home, and paint people the way I would like to be painted,” the artist shared, in a casual tone, a sentiment that is deeply personal and universal at the same time.

Beyond canvas, Gina is a muralist who indulges in the freedom of composition offered by large scale substrates.