Thursday, May 31, 2018

David Pounds arrives at The Box Gallery a winner!

The Box Gallery has the honor to present selected works by
David Pounds

during the The Box Gallery's 
2nd Year Anniversary Invitational Exhibition.

Summer Hours
Tuesday-Saturday: 6- 10 PM

David Pounds is a graphic designer, art educator and stained glass artist. Born and raised in California, he moved to Florida with his wife and children in 2004 to take a full-time teaching position at Palm Beach Atlantic University, where he currently serves as Art Department Chair.

2018 Glass as Art Winner:
Best in Show at McMow Art Glass
The Box Gallery 2nd Year Anniversary Invitational

The Box Gallery
811 Belvedere Road
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405

 David Pounds will be joining
StrosbergMandel, Renda Writer, Yury Darashkevich

Daniel Weinstein, Giannina Coppiano Dwin, and Diane Arrieta.

About David Pounds

My years as a professional graphic designer have giving me a high degree of proficiency with the Adobe Software programs Photoshop and Illustrator. About six years ago I realized I was doing all of my creative work on the computer. I had learned the basics of traditional copper foil stained glass making back in college, so I decided to revisit the medium to allow me to once again bring a more tactile element to my image making processes.
I wanted to explore themes that were not traditionally seen in stained glass, but I found that the time-honored working methods I had learned in college did not allow me the creative freedom I desired. A period of intense research and experimentation led me to develop a process whereby I could use my software skills to render line art with a great amount of control, then use a screen printing process to transfer the imagery onto the surface of the stained glass. I used a specially prepared mixture of powdered glass suspended in a thick binding medium as the printing “ink”. Once the ink was applied to the glass, each piece was fired in a kiln at 1,250 degrees to fuse the glass powder to the stained glass. To my knowledge, the working methods I developed and combined with existing techniques are unique to me.
My subject matter for this piece was inspired by 1950’s science fiction book cover illustrations. I thought it would be appropriate to use some very intense colors, but I wasn’t finding glass from my usual sources that matched my vision. To solve this problem, I stacked three pieces of slightly different color glass and fused them into one much thicker piece of glass. Not only did this give me the custom colors I wanted, it also added an interesting element of dimensionality to the piece.

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