Sunday, April 15, 2018

Eric Perna at the Box Gallery: Dans la tradition de l'art brut:The work of Robert Catapano, Nelson Babilonia, and Eric Perna.

"The concept of Art Brut stems from the French painter Jean Dubuffet who, from 1945, assembled a collection of objects created by the inmates of various psychiatric hospitals and prisons—solitary or outcast persons. In their creations, he saw "an entirely pure, raw artistic operation that the creator fully reinvents in all its phases, as spurred uniquely by his own impulses." The idea of Art Brut is thus based on certain social characteristics and aesthetic peculiarities." - Collection de l'art brut.
In the tradition of art brut at The Box Gallery
Dans la tradition de l'art brut: 
The work of Robert Catapano, Nelson Babilonia, and Eric Perna.
Curator: Rolando Chang Barrero
The Box Gallery
811 Belvedere Road
West Palm Beach Florida 33405

VIP Reception April 21, 2018, 7 pm.
West Palm Beach-On April 21, 2018, you are cordially invited to attend a wine 
reception at The Box Gallery. Dans la tradition de l'art brut exhibition, featuring the works of contemporary artists: Robert Catapano, Nelson Babilonia, and Eric Perna.
“Art Brut translates literally into English as Raw Art,"  Maizels explains, "raw because it is ‘uncooked’ by culture, raw because it came directly from the psyche, and, in its purest form, touched a raw nerve.”
In coining the term, Dubuffet switched the dysfunctional focus away from the mad inmates and towards the critics and galleries. His 1947 Art Brut manifesto declared that “We understand by this term works produced by persons unscathed by artistic culture, where mimicry plays little or no part (contrary to the activities of intellectuals). These artists derive everything - subjects, choice of materials, means of transposition, rhythms, styles of writing - from their own depths, and not from the conventions of classical or fashionable art."
As a movement, Art Brut captured certain Modernist sympathies, including the belief that an honest lack of sophistication was both morally and aesthetically superior – The Preference for the Primitive, as the art historian EH Gombrich once put it. _-A movement within a movement/ Phaidon
The Box Gallery is located at 811 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach, Florida 33405.

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