Thursday, February 1, 2018

WPB ALT BOOK FAIR to feature new MUDD CLUB BOOK by Ricard Boch

The Box Gallery initiates the 

First National Alternative Book Fair in West Palm Beach. 

From coast to coast artists, authors, photographers, and cultural icons of the punk and queer culture come to celebrate the visions of the past and share their visions for the future. From uptown to downtown, high brow to low brow, there will be a series of talks lectures, and presentations that span almost a half of century of documentation of the avant-garde beginning from the early 70's to present. 

The Box Gallery
811 Belvedere Road
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405
Rolando Chang Barrero

Authors, Presentations, Book Signing, Live Music, and Exhibition

Paul Zone  Richard Bock  Sandra Schulman  Tony Arruza  Laurence Gartel  Brian Cattelle  Rick Rose  
Alt Howel  Bohemia AG  Nomi Silverman  Ann Marie Sorrell  Sharon Schwatrz  Carol Becker  Nan Goldin
Robert Mapplethorpe  Madonna  Skoros 

A whirlwind weekend 
of special presentations, talks, live music, and afterparties!

Join us at the Box Gallery in celebrating The Mudd Club, with stories told by Richard Boch as well as never-before-seen images from collections of artists both famous and notorious by Bobby Grossman while listening to Legendary Mudd Club DJ David Azarch will provide a curated soundtrack for the presentation. 

The Doorman at the Mudd Club Tells All-NY TIMES REVIEW

BOOK REVIEW : There’s a great line in the new book “The Mudd Club” by former doorman Richard Boch noting that the streets of lower Manhattan in the 70s “looked like Rauschenberg paintings” with their colorful, battered jumble of street signs, cardboard wrapped metal banded bales of fabric, dead pigeons, buckets of paint, and discarded stainless steel sinks.Lost and found, the litter and debris of the gritty streets was primo material for artists, scavengers and pioneering-on-the-fly, loft-dwelling vagabonds. As Boch writes: “The sink became part of my kitchen, the rest of it became art.”If the streets looked like Rauschenberg paintings to Boch, it might be because he was a budding artist himself, and writes of a brief affair with Rauschenberg during the heady, druggy, sex and alcohol fueled 21 months he worked at the club. con't reading

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