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Artists Profiles: All Florida Exhibition 2016 at The Box Gallery

The Box Gallery
Grand Opening Weekend
June 3-5, 2016
The Box Gallery
811 Belvedere Road
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405



Yury Darashkevich
Born in Asipovichi, Belarus in 1962, resides in 
Palm Beach County, Florida
Photography by Jacek Gancarz
Graduate of Belarusian State Academy of the Arts in 1985.
Darashkevich is a member of the Society of Canadian Artists and is recognized by the 
US Government as a “Person with Extraordinary Abilities in Art”


Fabrizio Cruz/ Akrylika Magenta

resides In Broward County
"I'm a genderfluid artist and performance artist."Artist, visual artist, digital artist, entertainer


TD Gillispie 
Columbus, Ohio resides in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Marshall University

Notable collections include: 
The Helander Collection and The Mordes Collection


Diane Arrieta a/k/a Birds are Nice

is an American artist, born in Pennsylvania, currently working in south Florida. 
Works as the Science Outreach Coordinator at Florida Atlantic University where she Developed and organizes novel art and science outreach projects to connect to the community and develop opportunities for the library and students. Currently conducting a long term Seabird Study investigating the utilization of Estuarine and intertidal habitats at the John D. MacArthur State Park as an outreach program to over biology internships for honors college students. Also organizing off campus contemporary art exhibitions; and several other outreach programs.

BFA   Ceramic Sculpture Florida Atlantic University
MSc   Wildlife and Ecosystems Health University of Edinburgh, U.K.

This interdisciplinary artist utilizes various printmaking techniques with cut vinyl, illustration, sculpture and animation. The work has a distinct urban feel, with a style rooted in the comic book genre, but also has strong influences from artist like Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns and Daisy Youngblood.


Elle Schorr

Since 2012, Ms. Schorr, of Lake Worth, has hosted 
“Art Salons at the Armory Art Center” in West Palm Beach.
In October, 2015, she curated 
“Artists of Art Salon: A Collective Dialogue”, showing the work
of 57 nationally and internationally recognized contemporary artists 
from Miami to Martin
Counties, who are currently producing challenging, 
innovative work in the world of art, and
who have given presentations at these art salons.
"Propelled by a continuing search for these unwritten scripts, I’ve discovered a street theater ofdichotomies in store-front windows, each contributing to the on-going dialogue between the metropolis and its inhabitants."

Ilene Gruber Adams

Philadelphia, PA

Printmaking & Painting
"I believe that art and beauty bring joy and wellbeing to
individuals and are essential for a well-balanced life." --I.Adams


Allison Kotzig

My current work is focused on concepts of impermanence, myth, feminine power, fertility, cyclicality and infinity. A large part of my practice involves artistic deconstruction of social justice.

Juan Erman Gonzalez

Cuban born, Juan Antonio Gonzalez, better known as Erman, has lived in the United States since 1969. Currently resides in Miami, Florida.

 Erman completed a prestigious fellowship with Sacatar Foundation in Brazil where he shared artist residency space with five International, cross cultural and interdisciplinary artists. Some of the work in this exhibition is evidence of that residency experience. He has traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean participating in International Cultural Exchanges and Exhibitions with Diaspora Vibe Gallery. Erman has been invited as guest lecturer to Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and to the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas. Erman's work is in the collection of major art collectors. 


Robert Catapano 
Boynton Beach,Florida

Studied with Metal Sculptor, David Haussler
Studied with Stone Sculptor, Eniko Veres-fi

Studied with Artist, Christopher Reisman

"My art has been described as “figurative expressionism” and while I appreciate the descriptor I personally consider my art to be an extension of myself and how I see. For many artists like me, the reason that we do what we do is because our ideas cannot be easily expressed in words, if they could we’d be poets."


Linda Behar

Master in Fine Art, Florida Atlantic University
Born in Venezuela and established in the United States since 2000

Behar has actively participated in biennales in Venezuela. Among
numerous awards and honorable mentions, she received 1st place at the
“Premio CONAC” (the CONAC Award) in 2002 under the category of
glass. Her work has been exhibited in the Habatat Galleries, ArtSpace
Virginia Miller Galleries, Turchin Center of Visual Arts and Arte Puy in
Venezuela. In 2008 Linda had a solo exhibition at 
Broward College named

“Glass as a Conceptual Media” where she exhibited a compilation of her
work. A dedicated teacher, Behar taught Glass Casting in Venezuela as
well as at the University of Miami.

Vicki Siegel

MFA coursework, Tyler School of Art, Rome 
BFA, University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign

Vicki Siegel grew up in both NYC and Chicago. Vicki Siegel attended the University of Illinois, Urbana, graduating with a BFA. She continued with Master of Fine Art course work, focusing on photography, at Tyler School of Art, Rome. Vicki was active in the art communities of Chicago and Milan, Italy while working as an art director and later creative director in advertising. Siegel returned to the United States after seven years abroad and settled in South Florida where she worked as a creative director. Siegel returned to painting to follow her dream of working as an artist full time. She is a working artist with her studio in Delray Beach. Siegel instructs painting and conducts workshops on acrylic techniques. 


Fahan Sky McDonagh
Orlando, Florida

MFA—Rochester Institute of Technology,
School for American Crafts

Life is a series of experiences, a sequence of time—shared. Time is transience clarified by a pin drop on a moment. As I assimilate time, nature discloses the interconnectedness of all things. Through acute observation and intuitive response to these connections, I record memories and translate them in space. This liminal space reveals a bit of magic; nothingness with purpose, a platform for communal transcendence, a place of aesthetic oneness. Fragility and transparency are unique qualities of glass that visually interpret the experience of light and shadow, ephemeral space and the temporality of nature.


Wayne Stephens

MFA, Painting, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
BFA, Painting and Sculpture, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

"I create using various paints and a combination of materials
such as tinting cement, raw pigments, ink, charcoal, India
ink, and tar. Color, color overlay, reflectivity, texture, and
large scale are key aspects of my work. I constantly move as
I use a variety of tools, including my fingers, to paint, sand,
scrub, scrape, smooth, gouge, and repaint. Making art is a
process that propels me from one step to another toward
the illusive finish line."


Dana Donaty

 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Moore College of Art & Design. Philadelphia, PA


"Memories of being raised by a strict father in a waste not environment have set the means to each new creation, beginning each piece simultaneously as the previous is completed. Using a virgin canvas as a cleaning surface for brushes and palettes, the random smears of color dictate the content of each new painting."


Jacques De Beaufort
1975 United States
Lives and works in Lake Worth, Florida

1998-2000 MFA in art, CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF THE ARTS, Valencia, CA

"I paint is because there is not enough magic in this world and because there are paintings that I want to see that no one has made yet. I believe that the art object is embedded with its own meaning and that certain works create an aura of experience that defies language or reproduction. When I am working, I am always trying to bring forth a presence-an Other thing that lives in the imagination but can nevertheless be coaxed and needled to participate in our physical world through the application of skill and patience. Certain ideas and images are timeless and my intent is to work in the contemporary space, but to always be reaching for a realm that exists outside of now but simultaneous with both the past and present." 
--Jacques de Beaufort


Henriett Michel
 1966, Budapest, Hungary 
Emigrated to USA 1999 

Lives and Works in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. 

 Henriett “Anri” Michel is an emerging artist, working primarily in oils. Her art is largely intuitively, reacting to the piece at it develops, her color harmonies and formal logic verge on chaos and disaster-but this is where all the exciting things happen, and it is Ms. Michel’s exquisite ability as an artist which enables her to harness these primal energies successfully and to create visually engaging works. Indeed, the transformation of these elemental forces has resulted in yet another unique synthesis of Modernist art, one that is unique and 
strikingly beautiful and vivid 


Dan Leahy is a contemporary abstract artist. Born and raised in South Florida, Dan grew up in an artistic family.
Dan started his personal journey in the arts with film and video in Los Angeles and New York city where he made several 
documentaries and art films.
When living in San Francisco, Dan, started working with abstract art and mixed media.


Glauco Frizzera

Bachelor in Fine Arts Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo, in 1996, 
Masterof Arts in Photography 2009 at Barry University, Miami Shores, FL. 
His collegeeducation was fundamental to his photography. 

Glauco Frizzera is a photographer based in Miami, Florida. He is currently
accepting assignments from around the world.

Frizzera's professional photography career started in 1989, in his home country,
Brazil, free-lancing for several media.  


Kim Fay
UN BEL DI by Kim Fay
"I wanted to create my own language; this is how it began and felt myself a mirror; using painting, drawing, murals, mixed media. Although the visual vocabulary has changed it still is how I converse best of those dark and light places; reflect back into nature.
I can remember from the smallest age being greatly effected by light; through the trees, down a hallway, in a someone’s eyes, a star above." -Kim Fay


Leah Gillette

 Since 2011 the development of textile abstracts has been my primary focus. Each canvas is designed and typically woven with fabric, natural, synthetic, and finished elements. The canvas, distorted and painted, wraps frame construction. 



From Panama resides in Miami, Florida, USA

Bachelor in Arts, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA

"Since my art career has been dedicated to the study of nature in its many forms, from seed to landscape, it’s only natural that I turn my attention to earth's preservation, not by stating the obvious challenges but by exploring the roots of our indifference."-MaiYap

Nune Asatryan

Nune' - Fine Artist, Art Educator, Designer who comes from a family history of Artists,  discovered her passion in Art at an early age and has a long been a professional artist and has become internationally known for her unusual artwork, conceptual designs, delicate murals , bold statements in a variety of techniques as a painter , sculptor, designer and decorator.  Her international experience while living abroad has cultivated and exposed her with different cultures in many countries where she was able to create and exhibit .Art critics describe her as a "provocative" " intriguing " in the direction of Surrealism, Photorealism and some elements of Hyperrealism, encapsulating very passionate original ideas.


Natalie Gottlieb: Boca Raton Florida 

"I have been painting for 35 years, first as a figurative painter and presently as an abstract

artist. My training as a Psychotherapist has had a profound influence on my work. In my

figurative paintings, I wanted to give the viewers a glimpse of the human condition, to

become involved in an unspoken dialogue that connected them on a very deep level. I

believe my present abstract work is aesthetic and powerful enough to still provide the

observer with the same visceral connection that I have always strived for." -N.Gottlieb


Tristyn Bustamante
MFA-Ceramics, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

My work develops through a process of informed intuitive ideation, conception of form, and

conscious refinement. The production of each piece, from beginning to end, emerges from in
depth studies of a collection of interrelated topics of inquiry paired with material conciseness
and engaged problem solving. " - T. Bustamante


Tom Brewitz
Tom Brewitz's Profile Photo

Studied Fine Art, Art History, Engineering atUniversity of Minnesota

As an artist and sculptor, 
Tom Brewitz continues adding to a body of work that spans 30 years creating 
wind-generated outdoor stabiles that utilize the environment to energize its motion. Indoors, 
Brewitz carries through with hanging mobiles and hand generated floor and
table-top kinetic stabiles with brushed stainless planes or colorful patterns of shapes moving gracefully, reflecting the surroundings and dazzling the eye.


Giannina Coppiano Dwin
MFA, Florida Atlantic University, FL

Giannina Coppiano Dwin lives and works in South Florida.  She has been the recipient of grants and awards such as the prestigious South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship for Visual and Media Artists funded in part by the National Endowment for the Art, the Women in the Visual Arts Award; as well as, several sponsorships and grants including research in Spain and Brazil. 

Erin Fromkes

State University at New Paltz, N.Y. 

"With a contemporary style of art, 
I use my artistic voice to tell the tale of the
unseen by showcasing the ability that can be found in disability. Many

works that transpire relate to my life with MSIDS, Lyme & coinfections."


Nadia Utto

MFA, Washington University in St. Louis

Nadia's artwork metaphorically explores the juxtaposed themes of
‘form & function’ in nature  / with ‘pattern & purpose’ in culture.
In all her mixed-media sculptural pieces, she lives to explore how we perceive, understand and reconcile these informative dynamics.


Sibel Kocabasi

Image result for sibel kocabasi
MFA Florida Atlantic University

Kocabasi is the recipient of the

2006 Hector Ubertalli Visual Arts Award 

and the 

2010 South Florida Cultural Consortium’s Visual and Media Artists Fellowship.

Her work is in numerous private collections as well as The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum in Miami, Florida. 


Julianna Bukowitz
Miami, Florida
BFA , Hunter College, NYC

Her work can be found in public and private collections and has been seen in numerous exhibitions.

An accomplished ceramicist, Juliana conceives of graceful functional and nonfunctional forms whose surfaces are worked with an exuberant, intuitive use of glazes and experimental firing techniques.


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