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Artists Profiles Part 2: Florida Flora and Fauna: The River of Grass and Beyond

Florida Flora and Fauna: 
The River of Grass and Beyond

Opening Reception

Friday, September 9, 2016 | 6-11 pm

Heart of the West Palm Beach #CulturalCorridor

811 Belvedere Road

West Palm Beach, Florida 33405



Exhibition Dates:

September 9th through October 2, 2016

Opening Reception

Friday, September 9, 2016 | 6-11 pm

Artists Profiles Part 2


Marie Christine


Ilene Adams

Cambridge, MA Graduate courses in marketing & business
Illustration/Milton Glaser
New York, NY
Courses in advertising and illustration (Milton Glazer)
Philadelphia, PA
Bachelor of Fine Arts – Graphic Design and Advertising


I believe that art and beauty bring joy and wellbeing to
individuals and are essential for a well-balanced life.
I work in both mixed media and photography with
influences from Robert Rauschenberg and Maxfield
Rauschenberg’s influence is apparent in my paintings that incorporate paint,
collage, photographic images and artifacts. They evoke a feeling of nostalgia or
of imaginary places.
My photographs deal mostly with nature, but nature through an intense filter.
Images are put under a microscope and colors are heightened. There is beauty
all around us but how often do we take the time to really see it? Ordinary
images are enhanced to create painterly new images that leave the viewer

wondering if they are paintings or photographs? Abstract or realistic?

Sherry Stephens
Post Graduate Studies, Barry University, Miami, FL

MFA Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

A lovely medicinal garden at Palm Beach State has been a constant source of inspiration and intrigue to me. I often think about how the ancients achieved this knowledge and how they depended on plants for food and medicine. Modern science has investigated these uses and has implemented many of these plants into Bio Science, coupling human and natural systems. In this series I have gathered specific medicinal plants traditionally used to treat health issues. Lumen prints are created using traditional black and white gelatin silver darkroom photo paper. When the paper comes in contact with live plant material and left out in UV light for many hours, the paper reacts with the plant chemistry to produce lovely photographic images. I have worked with a variety of toners to achieve these softly colored results. Each is scanned digitally and printed with an archival pigment printer in limited editions.

Michael Kupillas

Maureen Fulgenzi

 Born in Westchester N.Y. from her earliest memories Maureen Fulgenzi knew and concentrated her efforts in becoming an Artist. After 4 years at the School of Visual Arts in NYC studying fashion illustration Maureen landed a freelance position w/ Sassoon Jeans and designed their first marketing poster. She then worked and as a sketch artist for Fairfield publications ie, (W) 
Fulgenzi's talents & pioneering spirit in the late 70's launched a new hand painted fabric & silk trend that sprung onto NY couture scene & was quickly picked up by the "A"-list department stores and boutiques nationwide. 
Maureen brought both; her technical skills and innate color sense to custom create and apply silk dyes to fine fabrics. She created a standardized and branded design trademark in the fashion industry. During this time Mary McFadden chose one of Fulgenzi's creations called "Windrift" that became the most popular and longest selling designer bedding collection that the Martex Corporation had produced. Being in high demand for her design skills & innovative thinking Fulgenzi was contracted to design prints for a men’s line of shirts for Designer, Diane Von Furstenberg & printed dress collection. She then went on to have a successful career producing a line of clothing with hand-painted fabrics, forming Horito/Fulgenzi designs in 1982. The company's list notable clients, such as Mary Tyler Moore, Betty White, Cecily Tyson, and were sold in department stores, catalogs and boutiques nationwide. Their design had exploded creating a fashion trend that was copied by other companies and spurred Maureen forward to create new ideas. 
In the early 90's Fulgenzi ended the fashion business to pursue her painitng career. Answering her own, long-smoldering desire to become a recognized Fine Artist, Fulgenzi left the city to immerse herself in creating a fine-art portfolio, working in the Hamptons and later Italy and traveling through Europe gaining new sources of inspiration and sophistication in her work. Color, with its wealth of possibilities is the basis for her work. 
I began painting from memory – large landscapes, still life’s and florals. They began selling through NY galleries and through networking with former fashion clients. 

This morphed into abstraction, complicating the paintings themselves, taking them into another realm. 

Shosh Cohen

"I create original and custom stone sculptures suitable for the home as well as for professional decor. My sculptural pieces are carved from marble, steatite and alabaster, no two are alike. My most current body of work is a fascinating collection of stone sculpture women’s high heel shoes."



BFA, Major: Ceramics
Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL

 As an artist, it is important to recognize a message and seize that moment. Crows are messengers, omens for change. Several personal encounters with crows have compelled me to express my personal creativity through this messenger.   The themes of my work concentrate on interactions observed in nature, humans and society. My work is informed by my life surroundings, observing nature and the natural interactions between animals and man. My goal with the Flora and Fauna exhibition is to bring an awareness to the plight of the Florida Crested Caracara and other endangered birds of the Florida Everglades. I have personally seen Caracara’s on trips across the state of Florida.  The Florida Crested Caracara (Caracara Cheriway) is a large powerful and elegant bird. There are only approximately 400 Caracara’s currently living in the Florida Everglades. A tropical falcon version of a vulture, the Crested Caracara reaches the United States only in Arizona, Texas, and Florida. It is a bird of open country, where it is often seen dining with vultures. The Caracara is not a picky eater, it will kill its food or dine on road kill,  sharing a meal with its fellow vulture.
According to the Natural Resources Management Office, “This bird is protected as a Threatened species both by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The Caracara is also protected under the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act and secondary protective zones around the nests and prohibits harassing, taking, or killing any animal. It is unlawful to possess any Crested Caracara (alive or dead) including parts, products, eggs and offspring.” 


Lee Andre

Loren Squier
B.A., Florida Atlantic University

"I use spray paint for the main figures in the paintings (free-hand and stencil work), which are just about always on stretched canvas.  My backgrounds are acrylic wash or spray paint, sometimes both and paint markers for text, outlines, and just marks when needed. I have four major influences that can be seen clearly when viewing my art. They are the ocean, comic books, Japanese wood block prints, and all the beautiful 
graffiti all over the world.

The last thing I would say is thank you for looking at my work and (paraphrasing Banksy in Exit Through the Gift Shop) “I don’t think….played by the rules in some ways; but, then there aren’t supposed to be any rules. So I really don’t know what mine is.” 


Lynn Morgan

Palm Beach Community College

"Before I begin a painting, I already have an idea in my head about the subject matter.  That idea is often inspired by photos taken on one of my adventures, but it is always my intention to use photos only as an initial idea.  Since color is my primary passion, I will select a color palette based loosely on the subject but more on what colors I am in love with that day.

I begin with a loose sketch of my subject using a dark hard pastel.  Then I block in dark and light shapes with hard pastels, usually in a color complementary to my final color scheme, and usually with a very bright color for the lights.  At this point, I will wash over the entire underpainting with denatured alcohol which creates the lovely drips, splashes and patterns that I will incorporate into the finished painting."

Nazare Feliciano
MFA, PH.D., 
Chair of Visual Arts and Art History
Palm Beach State College

“Still Life with Poppies” is part of a series of Still Lifes that I am working on currently.

These Still Lifes pieces are my pursuit for beauty and silence in a world crowded with images, sounds and tastes.  I plan to develop this series of flowers and vases further but I do not know what it will develop into. I like to develop art pieces that transform themselves with the touch of my hands and body. As I touch and shape the clay the clay responds and that response affects my further interaction with the work. The shaping and forming of these works is still fresh on my fingers, hands, and mind. It will take a few months for me to be able to analyze these works at a more conscious level, and reason 
with their metaphoric content.


Michael Marciano

The joy of Photography is the wonder of Drawing with Light. It is the true heart of photography. Not only to draw with light but to capture the life of that drawing so that it breaths and has a life of its own. Photography for me is “the essence, the life of that specific fraction of time”. 

Michael Marciano, born in Manhattan developed an eye for symmetry, color, texture and form at an early age. Michael’s family traveled the globe in search of beauty, art, music and the opportunity to offer the world their interpretation of the arts and free thinking ideas. Through audio and visual observation, Michael’s heart was captivated by their ideas and artistry.  Still very young, Michael was familiar with many of the masters having been to the Momma and the Guggenheim in Manhattan on many occasions. At the age of 12 Michael had his first camera and his first dream to become a photographer.

“Since a boy I have always been awestruck with the work of masters such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci as well as Monet and Picasso, then Chagall, Rauschenberg, Kandinsky and Warhol. I have always been drawn to reflections and shadows, balance, color and light. Images that require thought and evoke emotion are essential in visual artistry”  Michael Marciano 

Michael currently resides in Florida and photographs mainly in South Florida and New York City. Michael has been published Nationally and Internationally.


Pat Strum

I have been artistic since my earliest recollection and it has manifested itself
in many ways.  But my creativity did not turn to painting until I felt fulfilled
in my other artistic pursuits.  First, as Assoc. Editor of Seventeen Magazine ,
I often “painted” cookies and cakes to make them attractive for photography.
later I became an avid gardener with planting well known in my community.  
I can’t resist the beauty of nature and when I started painting I was drawn to 
landscapes and “skyscapes”.  However, my long association with horticulture, 
including many courses at the NY Botanical Gardens and years of perfecting my 
garden, has lead me to a fascination with nature’s construction of the flower 
bloom.  A single bloom can be enveloping, seductive, sensuous and above all
remarkable in its makeup.  The floral palette is endless and often challenging to 
capture.  The subject matter seems to be in infinite supply and I’m excited with 
my efforts to capture the beauty and drama that I see.  Since living in Florida, I 
have added the pastel medium to my portfolio with paintings of tropical 

landscapes and exciting “skyscapes” in luminous colors that only pastels can provide.  

Robert Catapano
Studied with Metal Sculptor, David Haussler
Studied with Stone Sculptor, Eniko Veres-fi

Studied with Artist, Christopher Reisman

These recent paintings are far from my figurative work, but contain my idea of moving to simpler and sometimes abstract work, but still hold true to my use of color and line. Two of these works are done in acrylic and oil bars, which give them great texture and depth.

Rochel Schiffrin

Chatham University – BA Visual Arts

Paper cutting has a vast history, which has evolved throughout time. My hand cut paper artworks draw upon this history while also experimenting with different facets of the art. Paper cutting not only reflects the intricate nature with which I enjoy
operating, but it also enables me to express deeply rooted ideas and concepts. I work with various themes such as nature, dance, mandalas, as well as,
Jewish religious motifs. I always strive to instill an uplifting 
aesthetic throughout all my work.

While at Chatham I rediscovered my love for cutting paper and
experimenting with this other form of drawing. When I cut paper, it is an
intuitive and natural reaction for my love of detail, care, and intricacy. As a
creative technique, paper cutting is not only cathartic to me, but it also
allows me to illustrate concepts and designs that are near and dear to my
heart. I hope to continue exploring where this creative 
art form can take me!

Thomas Schmidt

“Art training” consisted of the way that Andy Warhol claimed that he learned to draw (watching the Jon Gnagy television show in the 1950’s).  Alumni of same college as Alexander Calder (large mobile hangs from the ceiling in the library) but inspiration was Louise Nevelson’s Sky Cathedral.  My work consists mostly of mixed media and photo-based assemblage/collage.  The best “art” creates an emotional response in the viewer.  I consider white, black and gray to be colors, and frequently use image repetition.  First ever juried exhibit was “Emerging Artists 2015” at the Artists of Palm Beach County (APBC) Art-on-Park Gallery.  

Yochi Yakir-Avin
Ein-Hod School for Art Studies, Israel.
Beer-Shiva Art Institute, Israel.
Graduated the Academy of Fine Art “Brera”,  Milan, Italy

"The creation of an artwork is different every time and each work has its
story. In the beginning it’s a dream that is visualized in my mind until it
becomes so real that it needs to be created.
I sculpture and paint using various materials (mix media) in various
subjects; it allows me to experiment in new combinations.
Still life and portraits are often dominant in my work. Captured in
irregular positions and angles, painted in thin layers of color that forms
a sense of vibration and depth, creating the texture. Weather open or
close, from the front or the back, it’s always about the topic surrounded
by emptiness. Shapes as the center of the attention, enigmatic, they
contain a hidden dialog.

My home is my art.
It’s my safe place. It’s where I lose myself and the sense of time for a
complete devotion for creation."


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