Monday, April 22, 2019

3 to See Series at The Box Gallery!

Donate a belt and Stand Against Child Abuse!
at the Box Gallery May 4th, 2019 at 7 PM...

Viewers attending exhibition are invited to add their own belts to remind victims of child abuse and domestic violence that they are not alone!

The Box Gallery features poignant works that address cultural maladies in next two exhibition's...
from child abuse to homelessness!

Scroll down to see images...

The Box Gallery
located at 811 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach Florida 33405
"3 to See"
Series in May 2019 at The Box Gallery
3 to see on May 4, 2019   |   3 to see on May 25, 2019  
Curator, Rolando Chang Barrero continues effort to spotlight emerging artists that make a difference in his West Palm Beach Gallery. For over 8 years Rolando has been organizing exhibitions and creating works that unite people in dialogue and experience works by artists who are creating change in our world. 

3 to see on May 4th features
Opening reception for the artists at 7 PMIlene Adams | Ruth Sharton | Judy Polstra

Guest Speakers will share about rise in anti-Semitism  8 PM


An award winning artist, Ilene has been featured in many design magazines both in the New York metropolitan area and the Palm Beaches. Ilene's work is shown extensively in galleries and exhibitions.

Ilene has also worked in the non-profit art world bringing her marketing talents and creativity to an art center in West Palm Beach and working to advance art and artists in the community. Ilene served as a Mayoral Appointee on the Cultural Affairs Commission and the Public Art Commission in West Palm Beach. She is currently working on several community art projects to bring art to the public including acting as co-director of ArtSynergy.


A native New Yorker currently residing in Florida, Ruth is an accomplished fine arts painter and mixed media artist. She has studied classical drawing and painting and abstract expressionism, and works in a variety of other mediums including printmaking, photography, filmmaking and jewelry design. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hunter College, NY, and has attended the Art Students League of NY, Parsons School of Design, the NYU Film Certificate Program, and the School of Visual Arts. 
Ruth has exhibited her work in solo and group shows throughout the North and Southeast, and her art is displayed in corporate and private collections throughout the US and Canada. Corporate collections include the Intercontinental Hotels, AT&T, The Swiss Bank Corp., The Marriott, McDonalds, and Sullivan & Cromwell.

"As an artist, my goal is to communicate the essential nature of the psyche and express a vision of beauty both raw and elegant, for my viewers, and for myself".


A multi-disciplinary artist based in Florida. Her embroiders on vintage garments and fabrics focus on women’s issues. Judy’s mother taught her hand embroidery at age 7, and she returned to this art at age 49, inspired by our current political climate. 

This life size mannequin is covered with my childhood toys, and resined doll dresses. Her face is white as she recalls ghastly memories of her siblings and her self being beaten with belts. The toys represent happy memories mixed with the belts at her feet. Each belt represents a victim. 

Size variable widths x 72” . Photo credit Leo Reinfeld
Viewers are invited to add their own belts to remind victims of child abuse and domestic violence that they are not alone.

This piece was last shown at the Boca Museum in 2013. 
(My goal was to have it travel and keep adding belts enough to fill a room. I’d still like to make that happen, somehow.)

3 to see May 25th features
Opening reception for the artists at 7 PM
Adriano Ficarelli | David Rohn | Patricio Rodrigues

David Rohn grew up in New Jersey and Long Island and studied art and urbanism at Colgate University and NYU, and later Architecture at Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris and Pratt Institute in Brooklyn New York, including backpack trips through Italy and France as a student..
He worked in NYC in Architecture and Design where he began painting in the 1980’s, later returning to Paris in ’89 where he continued to paint and exhibit at Galerie Julien Pellat, Paris.
In 1993 he moved to Miami where he also started writing about art, exhibiting at Bianca Lanza, and later Carol Jazzar Contemporary, developing socially-reflective and interactive installation and performative art projects, from which his (self)-Portraiture series’ emerged in 2008. And later, street figures beginning in 2017, after his Miami gallery closed.
His work has been includes, and widely reviewed at many galleries and museums in S. Florida, New York and L.A. and continues performative collaborative projects with Partner Danilo de LaTorre under the collab LaboMamo (, and his own self-portrait-based, unofficial public art projects.



Patricio Rodrigues’ work is marked by the outpouring of virtuosity of his visual modus operandi in this case the draft. He creates a beautifully dangerous personal universe full of holes, leaks, findings and abruptness, in the sharp edges of their performances, as “something” endowed with desire, and that desire to be … the artist is palpable, and this danger is your best virtue; deadliest their patience before our eyes, because it will be almost impossible to escape its spell.



Adriano Ficarelli is a street photographer who was born and raised in the multicultural environment of Brazil, with strong family ties to Italy and the United States. He is a West Palm Beach, FL resident and a U.S citizen. He was deeply influenced by his extended family of artists: painters, musicians, composers and architects. In his youth, Adriano was captivated by the 1960's, black and white photographs he found in his father's collection of the Italian magazine, DOMUS. Later, at university, he studied electronics, architecture, art history and graphic design. But he became a self-taught photographer as he began experimenting with black and white film. 

Every good movie is an inspiration to Adriano. His photographic style stems from his appreciation of cinema. His artistic eye observes a specific moment in the flow of life around him and captures it to reveal the special qualities that attracted him. The photograph is a candid shot evoking an emotional response. Handheld in any environment. 

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Arts Newspaper TODAY! Activist artist arrested on eve of Havana Biennial!

Activist artist arrested on eve of Havana Biennial!
The Arts Newspaper


Alcántara’s whereabouts are currently unknown. 


Cuban-American artist 
Coco Fusco was denied entry to Cuba.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

El arte como activismo: el artista Rolando Chang Barrero In Ripped from the Headlines en FAT Village

El arte como activismo: el artista de intervención 
Rolando Chang Barrero
El PROJECTS Contemporary Art Space presenta  
una exposición curada por Elle Schorr.

Acerca de Rolando Chang Barrero:

"Rolando Chang Barrero es un artista que ha producido instalaciones contextuales, películas, videos e intervenciones políticas durante más de 35 años. Su trabajo hace referencia a sus experiencias personales como ser humano, que resultan ser es un artista visual, un activista del SIDA / VIH. un líder de la comunidad hispana, sobreviviente de cáncer cerebral, activista político, defensor del centrismo en el Partido Demócrata, y es el anfitrión del primer programa bilingüe de televisión por cable en el condado de Palm Beach.

Usted está invitado a asistir:
"Ripped From The Headlines" se abrirá con un #previewreception en Fatvillage Projects el viernes 26 de abril de 2019, e incluirá a 18 artistas de todo el sur de la Florida que abordan una variedad de temas importantes, a menudo desde puntos de vista profundamente personales e intensamente políticos. . El objetivo es ampliar la conciencia e informar un diálogo continuo a medida que las noticias continúan evolucionando.
Un agradecimiento especial a Elle Schorr, curadora.

Acerca de Rolando Chang Barrero, BFA, Escuela del Instituto de Arte de Chicago
Revista de West Palm Beach
Noticias Gay del Sur de la Florida
La galería de la caja

"Esto es una bolsa para el cuerpo, no un material escolar"
de la serie: Útiles escolares para la próxima generación por Rolando Chang Barrero

"Etiquetas del dedo del estudiante"
de la serie: Útiles escolares para la próxima generación por Rolando Chang Barrero

Declaración del artista: 

Este trabajo está destinado a molestarte. Debería enojarte y quizás avergonzarte a tomar acción. ¡No son momentos en los que estoy preocupado por ti, ni tampoco tu respuesta a mi trabajo! Lo que vez es mi respuesta a la inacción de nuestro país y la posibilidad de normalizar eventos que no deberían haber ocurrido, pero que sí ocurrieron. 

Sí, elige tu "espacio seguro" y  "Siéntate si necesitas" porque te culpo a ti ya mí. ¡Es fácil culpar al país, al gobierno, a los "boogeymen", como si nosotros no fuéramos el país, ni el gobierno! Todos somos responsables de los asesinatos sin sentido, porque nos hemos convertido en los complacientes espías a los que nos referimos en tercera persona. Nuestra complacencia nos hace cómplices y por lo tanto culpables. Ya es hora de que empecemos a darnos cuenta de cómo puede ser el futuro en este país si seguimos siendo los cómplices ineficaces. 

Vivimos y trabajamos en un país donde durante demasiado tiempo hemos aceptado que las ventas y los márgenes de ganancia se han vuelto más importantes que las vidas de nuestros hijos, que las vidas de nuestros amigos, de nuestros hermanos y hermanas. Hemos estado mirando hacia otro lado por demasiado  tiempo, hemos votado entre grupos de presión y corporaciones (también conocidos como demócratas / republicanos) en lugar de los estadistas y humanitarios nos mentimos a nosotros mismos de   que somos buenos ciudadanos porque votamos por “nuestro partido” si consciencia del bienestrar de el pais.

Descartar mis quejas, mis consignas, mi llamado a la acción, mi enojo, siéntase libre de mirar hacia otro lado, alejarse, envolverse en la bandera estadounidense mientras promociona su 2da Enmienda, estate bienvenidos a no considerar la posibilidad de REFORMA DE ARMAS, pero complete una etiqueta en el dedo del pie y seleccione una bolsa para los cadáveres del tamaño adecuado para su hijo, para su sobrina o sobrino, para su hermano o hermana, etc., antes de ir. Esto facilita la identificación de sus cuerpos como en la morgue la próxima vez. 

Somos responsables de detener la masacre ... recuerde que es nuestra complacencia la que nos hace cómplices. 

"Ripped From The Headlines" explorará estas realidades desde los puntos de vista de los artistas que abordan una variedad de temas candentes, a menudo desde puntos de vista profundamente personales e intensamente políticos. El objetivo es ampliar la conciencia e informar un diálogo continuo a medida que las noticias continúan evolucionando.

Viernes 26 de abril, 6-9pm.

Los proyectos del espacio de arte contemporáneo.

en el corazón del Distrito de Artes FATVillage
523 NW 1st Ave, Ft Lauderdale FL 33301


Domingo 9 de junio, de 3:30 a 5:30 pm

Las charlas comienzan puntualmente a las 4:00 pm

Otras obras seleccionadas de Rolando Chang Barrero incluyen:

Visitar cuba

Ruth un chico de la serie "Para que no olvidemos" 

Estriado y emplumado
Detalle de Frack Baby

Frack baby

Art as Activism: Intervention artist Rolando Chang Barrero In Ripped from the Headlines at F.A.T. Village

Art as Activism: Intervention artist
Rolando Chang Barrero
The PROJECTS Contemporary Art Space presents 
an exhibition curated by Elle Schorr

About Rolando Chang Barrero:

"Rolando Chang Barrero is an artist who has been producing contextual installations, films, video, and political interventions for over 35 years. His work references his personal experiences as dimensional human being that happens to be a visual artist, an AIDS/HIV activist, hispanic community leader, brain cancer survivor, a political activist and advocate for centrism in the Democratic Party, and is host of the first bilingual cable television talk show in Palm Beach County.

You are invited to attend:
“Ripped From The Headlines” will open with a #previewreception at Fatvillage Projects on Friday, April 26, 2019, and will feature 18 artists from throughout South Florida taking on a variety of hot issues, often from deeply personal and intensely political points of view. The goal is to expand awareness, and inform an ongoing dialogue as the news continues to evolve.
Special Thanks to Elle Schorr, curator.

About Rolando Chang Barrero, B.F.A., School of the Art Institute of Chicago
West Palm Beach Magazine
South Florida Gay News
The Box Gallery


"This is a Body Bag, not a School Supply"
from the series: School Supplies for the Next Generation by Rolando Chang Barrero

"Student Toe Tags"
from the series: School Supplies for the Next Generation by Rolando Chang Barrero

Artist Statement: 

This work is meant to disturb you. It should anger you and maybe shame you into action. These are not times that I am concerned about you, nor your response to my work! What you see is my response to the inaction of our country and the possibility of normalizing events that should not have occurred, but did.

Yes, pick your “safe space” and  “sit down if you need to” because I blame you and me.It is easy to blame the country, the government, the boogeymen, as if we are not the country, nor the government! We are all responsible for the senseless murders- because we have become the complacent boogeymen we refer to in the third person. Our complacency makes us complicit and hence guilty. It is high time we begin to realize what the future in this country can look like if we remain the ineffective complicit citizens. 

We live and work in a country where we have for too long accepted that sales and profit margin’s have become more important than the very lives of our children, than the lives of our friends, then that of our very sisters and brothers. We have looked the other way far too  long, we have knowingly voted between lobby groups and corporations (aka Democrats/Republicans) instead of statesmen and humanitarians convincing ourselves  we are good citizens because we vote like lemmings for “our party.” 

You are welcomed to dismiss my rants, my slogans , my call to action, my anger, feel free to look the other way, to walk away, to wrap yourself in the American flag while touting your 2nd Amendment right, you are welcomed to not consider GUN REFORM, but please fill out a toe tag and select the right size body for your for your child, for your niece or nephew, for your brother and or sister, etc., before you go—It makes identifying their bodies easier as we sort them at the morgue next time. 

We are responsible to stop the massacre…remember its our complacency that makes us complicit. 

“Ripped From The Headlines” will explore these realities from the viewpoints of artists taking on a variety of hot issues, often from deeply personal and intensely political points of view. The goal is to expand awareness, and inform an ongoing dialogue as the news continues to evolve.

Friday, April 26, 6- 9pm

The Projects Contemporary Art Space

in the heart of the FATVillage Arts District
523 NW 1st Ave, Ft Lauderdale FL 33301


Sunday, June 9, 3:30 - 5:30pm

Talks begin promptly at 4:00pm

Selected other works by Rolando Chang Barrero include:

Visit Cuba

Ruth an Guy from the series "Lest We Forget" 

Tarred and Feathered
Detail of Frack Baby

Frack Baby

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Palm Beach Pride 2019 SPECTRUM PROJECTS 2019 ART CALL

*Deadline is March 15, 2019
Be a part of Spectrum 2019
Portraits of South Florida LGBT Community Exhibition during Palm Beach Pride 2019

Send us a portrait of yourself or of a member of the South Florida GLBT community you think is amazing!
We will put it on display during Pride Weekend 2019 and throughout the month!

Here's how....
First email sample of image for inclusion to curator, Rolando Chang Barrero at
Bring or Send
8" x 10" FRAMED Photos or 8" x 10"Paintings by March 15, 2019 at these locations:
1. The Box Gallery, 811 Belvedere Road, WPB 33405
2. Compass LGBT Community Center, 201 North Dixie Hwy | Lake Worth, FL 33460

It's that simple to show you love who you are or, care about that special someone!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Box Gallery is being considered a possible new site for the Hola Palm Beach Talk Show on Hola TV 47

Hola TV 47 keeps growing!

The Box Gallery teams up with Hola TV 47 as possible new location for the Hola Palm Beach With Rolando Chang Barrero

Click Here To Watch Hola Palm Beach!

Hola TV 47 has been all the buzz around South Florida as it begins to take a market share of the hispanic and bilingual market with unique programming! The Hola TV 47 station includes over 29 new shows spotlighting the diversity of tastes and interest of the hispanic community!
Check out a few here:


For information about advertising 
Blas Serpa – President (561)-313-2509
Issy Gonzalez – CEO (416)301-5862
Oscar Nodarse – General Manager. (561)250-2891