Monday, December 19, 2016

Celebrate American Unity for 2017 and Discover Work "Made in The USA"

You and your family are invited... 

Come "Celebrate American Unity for 2017" 
among my fellow artists and friends this Friday at 

The United States of American Art
featuring the work of
Daniel J. O'Keefe, Gary Kroman, Rolando Chang Barrero,
Doreen Grasso, Robert Catapano, Patricio Rodriguez, Nelson Babilonia, and
Amber Tutwiler
811 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach, Florida 33405,  
which opens with a reception at 7 p.m.

The works in this exhibition exemplify the richness and diversity of work created in the United States. It really is not hard to find 
"Made in The USA" at The Box Gallery.

We are all amazing people who are creating music and art in the most amazing country in the world. We get to find common ground to walk, play, work, and celebrate together. 

We, Americans are like an ornate tapestry that is made up of beautiful contradictions in style, in forms and with our very own cultural iconography as well as beliefs.

The exhibition will open on the 23rd of December as a prelude to the upcoming holiday celebrations that recognize our ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity.

I don't recall a time where the holiday celebrations occurred one right after the other setting a tone of unity for 2017.

Fine Art, Live Music, and You!

Please RSVP,  I want to be prepared to offer you a memorable evening!

- Rolando Chang Barrero

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