Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Gator, A Deer and A Duck? OH MY!

A Gator, A Deer and A Duck? Oh my!

Welcome to The Box Gallery and the current exhibition The New American Patriot: Climate Art in the Public Interest Exhibition.

"A Must See, The Box Gallery The New American Patriot: Climate Art in the Public Interest!... Much to my surprise a Film with Annie Sprinkle reminiscent of the Days of Living theater and the Happening Art Forms of the 60's. Enlivening Fare to Environmental Intellect and those who simply care about the planet!" -Allan Swartz
Read What The Palm Beach Post Says...
"Cultural Corridor"

Open to the public through July 11, 2016
Gallery hours:
Tuesday-Saturday from 11-6 pm

  Among the numerous and highly inspirational works included in The New American Patriot are...

The "Energy Duck" proposal for a supersized floating duck which was developed by artists and designers Hareth Pochee, Adam Khan, Louis Leger, and Patrick Fryer  for design competition by
Land Art Generator Initiative which was featured in
Time Magazine  P
hotovoltaic Magazine

Images of "Gator in the Bay" by Lloyd Goradesky as seen in the current
West Palm Beach Magazine

Artifacts from the Blued Trees Symphony by Aviva Rahmani
The Village Voice

The exhibition co-curated by Mary Jo Aagerstoun and Rolando Chang Barrero.

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